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Deploy Module

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  • Start up automatically
  • Interactive installation
  • Automatic download of Web modules
  • Automatic execution of Web modules
  • Automatic update of Web modules

More configurations​

Allow downloading of pre-release versions​


By default, only stable versions will be downloaded

If you want to download pre-release versions, you can use the --pre-release parameter

./serverbee-deploy --pre-release

Interactive installation (default)​

./serverbee-deploy -i

Use a custom port​

./serverbee-deploy -p 8081

Start on boot (enabled by default)​

./serverbee-deploy -a true

Disable start on boot​

./serverbee-deploy -a false


./serverbee-deploy -p 8081 -a false

Compile from source code​

cargo build --bin serverbee-deploy --release

Then you can find the executable file serverbee-deploy in target/release.

Report issues or make suggestions​