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Install Docker
curl -fsSL | bash

# 安装 docker-compose

# curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

# chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

# 启动 docker

systemctl start docker

# 启动 docker

# service docker start

# 开机自启

systemctl enable docker.service

# 查看 docker 状态

systemctl status docker.service

Linux base systems can run serverbee-web directly using docker, for example: Synology, QTS, Unraid, PVE, Openwrt and other systems.

other systems please install using the binary file method.


Docker is only recommended for Linux base systems, otherwise the data you get will be the data of the docker image itself, not your host data.

If you are installing using the system's built-in docker interface, please remember to mount the directory.

Docker Run Command​

docker run -d \
-v /proc:/proc \
-v /dev:/dev \
-v /sys:/sys \
-v /etc:/etc \
-v /run/media:/run/media \
-v /sys/class/net:/sys/class/net \
--privileged=true \
--restart unless-stopped \
--network=host \
--name=serverbee-web \
zingerbee/serverbee-web -p 9527

Replace 9527 with any port you want.

Docker Compose​

version: '3'
image: zingerbee/serverbee-web
command: ["-p", "9527"]
privileged: true
restart: unless-stopped
network_mode: host
- /proc:/proc
- /dev:/dev
- /sys:/sys
- /etc:/etc
- /run/media:/run/media
- /sys/class/net:/sys/class/net

View Container Logs​

docker logs serverbee-web