What is ServerHub?

ServerHub is a simple server management tool that allows you to manage your servers from a single web interface. It is designed to be simple and easy to use, and is perfect for small to medium-sized server deployments.


  • Cloud Native: Designed to be cloud-native, and can be deployed on any cloud platform.
  • Docker Support: Can be deployed as a Docker container, and comes with a docker-compose.yml file for easy deployment.
  • Monitoring: Monitor all of your servers' CPU, memory, network,and disk usage etc.
  • Real-time: Real-time data updates, and can be used to monitor your servers in real-time.
  • Scalable: Designed to be scalable, and can be deployed on multiple servers.
  • Security: Uploading data requires token verification, and the token can be banned at will.
  • Open Source: Open source, and can be used for free.
  • Cross-platform: Works on all major platforms, and can be used on almost all desktop device.
  • Self-hosted: Deploy to your private server.




  • ServerHub: Developing with Next.js for Aggregating Data Reported by Multiple ServerBee Webs, Featuring a Dashboard View Mode, Direct Access to Specific Dashboards, and Offering Server Token Management and Grouping Capabilities.
  • Server Web: Developing a Rust-Based Web Server with RESTful APIs for Local Machine Data (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Process), Featuring a Simple and Intuitive Dashboard Page, Responsible for Reporting Data to ServerBee Recorder, and Capable of Direct Interaction with the ServerBee App.
  • Server Recorder: Using Rust to Record Data Reported by ServerBee Web and Store It in MongoDB.
  • Server Interfactor: Using Rust to Interact with the Front-End via WebSocket, Reading Data Stored in MongoDB and Returning It to the Front-End.

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